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There are vendors that inspired Esmerald that deserve to be mentioned, even moving forward and way from them, they were part of the initial success of Esmerald.


Esmerald initially started a small idea that was also initially designed to run on the top of Starlite. Excelent framework out there doing amazing things but plans have changed and so has Esmerald in many ways.

We have opted to do the implementation of Esmerald on the top of Starlette initially and then Lilya instead as the plans for the coming years will be heavily focused on that as well.

Since Esmerald got the inspiration from Starlite, a few patterns were similar to allow us to deliver with high quality, things like the previous Signature and Kwargs that later on (from version 0.3.X) became our own transformers.

Up to the version 0.2.X, we had some common ground but Starlite has evolved and so has Esmerald and from the version 0.3.X we will be deploying a reestructure of the way we have implemented starting from the deployment of the transformers and Signature unique to Esmerald.

We thank Starlite for all the support given to us and all the great tech that allow us to imagine, create and deploy Esmerald in its own unique way and we also wish Starlite all the success that they deserve.

Starlite deserves to be mentioned here as a thanks for the inspiration given to Esmerald to be built in an also unique way.