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Everyone uses in one way or another an ORM while working with SQLDatabases.

Django, for example, is widely used by a lot of companies and people out there, the ORM it is simply amazing and simplistic in the way you can simply focus on what it matters to you and not in the small details.

SQL Alchemy is another one widely used and loved by the majority of the python community.

Edgy is from the same autor of Esmerald so is expected to be supported (not natively) by the framework by providing some out-of-the-box built-in that can simply be used


Although Esmerald supports out of the box some integrations with Edgy it does not necessarily mean the framework is only coupled with it. You are entirely free to use a completely different ORM or even ignore this section and implement your own Edgy integration.


  • 100% Pydantic
  • Declaring tables
  • Querying models
  • Declaring relationships
  • Managers
  • Asynchronous
  • Fast
  • SQL Alchemy core

How to use

To use Edgy with Esmerald you should install some requirements first.

It will depend of each flavour you want.


$ pip install edgy[postgres]


$ pip install edgy[mysql]


$ pip install edgy[sqlite]


$ pip install edgy[mssql]

Documentation and more details

Since Esmerald supports Edgy, the best place to understand how to use all the powerful features given by it you can simply use its documentation and learn more how to leverage it.